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Lose weight without feeling hungry all the time

Loz Life takes the BS out of health and fitness for tangible and sustainable results. Our scientific and evidence-based approach has helped 100s of people like you get unstuck and become unstoppable.

Healthy Food

Lose weight without feeling hungry all the time

Healthy Food

Loz Life takes the BS out of health and fitness for tangible and sustainable results. Our scientific and evidence-based approach has helped 100s of people like you get unstuck and become unstoppable.

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Weight Loss Made Easy

Regain control

Losing control of your eating habits is easy. We see it all the time in people from all walks of life. Our evidence-based coaching helps you regain control without starving yourself.

Reclaim confidence

Let’s be honest here. Our confidence takes a hit when we gain weight. We take a scientific approach to weight loss. Lose weight, keep it off and reclaim your confidence.

No fad diets here

Chances are you’ve tried fad diets before. You did them until the hunger became unbearable. And stopped. Our scientific approach helps you lose weight - without starving yourself.

Not a quick fix, lasting results

Our goal is sustainable weight loss. We take an evidence-based approach and make simple changes to your everyday eating habits. The result is tangible and sustainable weight loss.

Personalised approach

One diet does NOT suit everyone. We never target a one-diet-fits-all solution. Your body and metabolism are unique. We take a personalised approach to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Customised meal plans

Unlock healthy eating habits with our custom meal plans. Get week-by-week meal plans suitable for your individual needs. We help you lose weight without sacrificing the food you love.

Katrina had a life-changing experience working with Loz Life.

Lost 10 kilos

Overcame sugar cravings

More energy

New habits around eating

Feels amazing

Changed her life

Weight Loz Program Features

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Protein prioritisation

Eating more protein is a science-backed step to losing weight. We use protein prioritisation to boost your metabolism and kickstart weight loss.

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Sustainable weight loss

Our evidence-based approach provides a sustainable weight loss solution. We help you make small changes to your eating habits for lasting results.

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No more hunger

Eating more protein makes you feel fuller for longer. Lose weight without crazy fad diets or taking harmful pills. It’s not rocket science - just nutritional science.

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Personalised advice

Sustainable results from an individual approach. One diet doesn’t suit everyone. We give you evidence-based advice to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight Loz Program Benefits

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Regain control of eating

Control your eating habits - don’t let them control you. We help you change your eating habits and regain control for lasting results.

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Reclaim your confidence

Feel comfortable in your body and start brimming with confidence again. We help you with a healthy body for a healthy mind.

A vibrant person with a dynamic posture, hands on their waist, and a joyful expression, radiating energy and enthusiasm.

Feel fresh and energised

Get the pep back in your step with proper fuel for your body. We make those afternoon slumps a distant memory.

A person showcasing a remarkable weight loss transformation, with a 'before' silhouette on the left and a slimmer, energized 'after' silhouette on the right.

Meet the new you

See changes to your body shape, tone and size. Watch the weight come off and stay off with our scientific approach.

Jennie has regained her sense of self, lost weight and has the energy to keep up with her kids.

Bad relationship with food

Struggling with energy

New habits around eating

Dropped a dress size

Feels energised

Weight Loz Process

The 6-step weight loss process


We'll chat about your goals, past successes, challenges, and current habits. This lets us build a personalised plan for your weight loss journey before you start the program.


Select the following program that suits you:

6-Week Drop a Jean Size Challenge

12-Week Kickstart Program

12-Month Lifestyle Program


Between days 3-28, you'll start feeling better and see improvements in your energy, digestion, sleep, and concentration. And like many clients, you can see a reduction in bloating, headaches, hunger, and cravings.


In 1-7 months, you'll notice positive visual changes in your skin, body shape and tone, clothing fit, and self-esteem. Your frustration, tiredness, weight, and size will reduce during this period.


After your initial results, you'll start seeing holistic changes. You'll understand your body's needs, follow healthy habits, reclaim your confidence, and have the motivation to follow your new lifestyle. Your belly fat, weight, and size will continue to reduce.


You get continued support on the entire journey. We monitor your transformation and help you set new goals while you enjoy life more. The new you feels healthy and confident for continued happiness.

Why Weight Loz Works

Weight Loz is an expert system that delivers results.

It combines eating plans with 1:1 personalised coahcing to deliver sustainable weight loss resultsfor long-term happiness, health and vitality

A Venn diagram with two overlapping circles. The left circle is labeled 'Eating Plan,' the right circle is labeled 'Personal Coaching,' and the overlapping middle section is labeled 'Sustainable Result.

Healther feels happier, built confidence and transformed her life with Loz Life.

Getting no results

Feeling frustrated

Learned new eating habits

Lost 12+ kilos

Feels happier

Weight Loss for Every Body

Is working out too much of a challenge for you? Do you still want to get fit and healthy?

Maybe you want better sleep, increased clarity and focus, and more energy throughout the day.

We help you achieve that without working out in the gym.

Anyone can benefit from the sustainable health and metabolism improvements of Weight Loz. We take a scientific approach, helping you lose weight and keep it off.

This inclusive program helps anyone who wants lifelong healthy living.

Simply changing your diet can lead to incredible results.

Listen to Col’s experience and hear for yourself.

You can get fit and healthy for lifelong happiness - no matter your limitations.

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Your Investment

6-Week Challenge


Push Yourself

Lose 9kgs in 6 weeks and

get 6 week free!

12-Week Kickstart Program



+99 joining

Direct Debit

Easy weekly payments or an upfront super saver option for even more value!

12-Month Lifestyle Program



+99 joining

Pace Yourself

Easy weekly payments for those seeking a long-term lifestyle transformation

99% of clients on our full 12-month programs gain lifelong results and sustainable results

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